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Angela Spindler

Member : 128015
Country : Australia
City : Sydney
Member Since : September 09, 2013
Award Winner : YES

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  Website :

Awards :
2013, Bronze, IDA Awards, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2013-14, Silver, A' Design Award, Como, Italy
2014-15 Platinum, A' Design Award, Como, Italy
2014-15, Iron, A' Design Award, Como, Italy
2015-16 Gold, A' Design Award, Como, Italy
2015-16, Bronze, A' Design Award, Como, Italy
2016-17, Silver, A'Design Award, Como, Italy
2017-18, A'Design Award, Como, Italy

2016, Second Place, Dieline Awards, USA

2016, Silver Pentaward

2017, Gold, Creativity International Award, USA

2018, Winner, German Design Award, Frankfurt, Germany

2019, Gold Indigo Design Awards

2019, Silver Indigo Design Awards

Education :
M.Design, COFA, Australia

Experience :
35 years in the design industry, having worked in the UK, Germany, New Zealand and Australia.

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