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Luis Gaston Flores One

Member : 113351
Country : Argentina
City : Lobos
Member Since : December 16, 2011
Award Winner : No

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Education :
1997-2002, Industrial Design with product orientation and direction of production, universidad nacional de Mar del Plata, Facultad de Arquitectura, urbanismo y diseño, Mar del plata/Argentina.

Experience :
2011, Procter & Gamble, foreign suppliers for R&D de Procter & Gamble Americas.
2011, Lobos mayor, Motorcycle parking design, Lobos.
2011, Alpine Skate, Marchandising, Argentina.
2010, Thermostaff, 3D design, and merchandising, Argentina.
2010, BMC Pilates, 3D Design, packaging for export, Argentina.
2010, Tecno Equipamiento, Manager designer forniture office, Argentina.
2008-9, Smart, manager designer, Argentina.
2008, cool, manager designer, Argentina.
2008, Avatar, merchandising and 3d Design, Argentina.
2007, Officenter, forniture office design, Argentina.
2006, Ludo ingeniería, housing machine for marine technology, Argentina.
2004-8, Emprendedoors, design seminars, Argentina.
2003, Giogare, public forniture design for parks for Mar del plata, Argentina.
2002, Expend Fresh, vending machine design toothpaste, Argentina.

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