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World Design Index
World Design Index is a publication that lists designers from all around the world.  The WDI publication is managed by the ICCI - International Council of Creative Industries, a club within A’ Design Award and Competition. The world design index is a compendium and directory of best designers around the globe. The WDI is a searchable index that allows you to find a designer in any given city or country, for any type of design.

World Design Index is provided as a free service to all ICCI members. To apply for listing, a designer could visit DesignPlexus and create a profile there, please note that by applying you agree that your information will be shared by ICCI partners and will be visible online. During the profile creation, the following information is relevant for the WDI Index: Primary Discipline (Your interest in Design), Job Function (What you do in the job), Country, City, Work Experience, Awards and Clientele. Register here. After registration, remember to update your profile information by logging in and filling the details to get listed, please note that members will be manually confirmed for inclusion. Alternatively you could also create and complete a profile at A' Design Award. Applications are approved once a year, after April.

Discover the following initiatives by the Prime Clubs:

  • Designer Interviews : This is a great resource for all design enthusiasts, magazine editors and upcoming designers. Access to interviews by award winning designers, view the awarded works.
  • List Of Designers : This is a directory of award winning designers from every corner of the world. Link to designers' website, information about specialization and country data is given to help you locate a designer to fulfill your needs.
  • World Design Rankings : Ranks all the countries based on the number of designers that have been granted international design awards; WDR is the index of design potential of countries, it shows which countries are best in design and who is following-up.
  • World Design Days : Every year, between 12 and 15 April, are the World Design Days. The aim of the World Design Days is to create awareness for design for multiple demographics, learn and celebrate this initiative.

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